Vrátna Valley – hiking, skiing, ski alpinism

Vrátna Valley is considered to be one of the most beautiful valleys within the Lesser Fatra Mountains. It is one of the most popular hiking and skiing destination is Slovakia, offering wide range of active relaxation in summer and one of the most sophisticated ski centers in winter.

Possibilities for hiking and almost endless – majestic Ruzsutce, Great Fatra´s Kriváň or Jánošík Holes (for those unaware, Jánošík was a local outlaw – something like Robin Hood in England).

Accessing the peaks and reaching higher altitudes is enabled by cable cars from Snilovské Saddle (Sedlo) and Grúň. The valley also offers ideal combination for biking and other sports.

In Vrátna Valley, you will find the beauty of Slovak mountains – all captured in one place – from beautiful narrow canyon with stone reliefs, through planes and wolds, forests full of local habitat and abysses, to majestic peaks of Lesser Fatra Mountains. Many accommodation and restaurant facilities are established in this area, welcoming tourists with open arms and high quality service. 

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