Discover Sous-Vide - A new style of cooking in the Tulip House Boutique Hotel

Discover a place in the heart of Bratislava where historical charm meets elegance of today. It is a place, where you can enjoy perfect harmony of unrepeatable taste in the French bohemian style and the highest quality of Sous-Vide cuisine. Welcome to the Tulip House Boutique Hotel *****.


Charming historical building in Art Nouveau style, modern interior in fresh colours, luxurious facilities and services at the highest level create an ideal combination for an exceptional hotel. 24 Business Apartments stand out not only by its size (50 to 90 m²), but also by equipment adapted for long stays. The most demanding clientele will be surly satisfied by Luxury Apartment, furnished in an exquisite style of Viennese Art Nouveau. Exclusive Italian furniture is decorated with luxurious Swarovski jewels. On the top floor the hotel offers four unparalleled duplex penthouses (in size of 180 to 210 sq. meters).


Lucia Meňhárová, general manager of Tulip House Boutique Hotel:"Our hotel is unique thanks to its location in this beautiful historical building that used to be an apartment house. Due to this spatial predisposition the hotel was also designed to have only apartments with the area of ​​50-210 square meters. Combination of this old time´s charm, modern facilities and generous size of the suites with high ceilings creates a unique attraction for our clients. "


The hotel´s Rhapsody restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Bratislava offering excellent specialties of international and local cuisine,a wide selection of fine wines and incomparable, exceptionally delicious desserts. The premises of the former arch-ceilinged cellar today offer the intimacy for truly gourmet experiences. The chefs´ team of Rhapsody restaurant delights their guests with new inspiration in the form of seasonal specialties and specialties of modern cuisine. The newest special offer comes from French gourmet style of cooking called Sous-Vide.


Sous-Vide is a new style of cooking that prevents the nutrition values of the food from decreasing while cooking. During Sous-vide cooking (French "vacuum", pronounced su-vit) the food is being prepared in vacuum sealed plastic bags at low temperatures for a long time.


The main goal of the technique ofSous-Vide is to keep the food fresh and full of nutrients even during cooking. Vacuum packed food can be stored in the refrigerator or the freezer, while the structure of the meat softens and portions are immediately available to serve. Food packaged in vacuum pockets will retain their aroma, taste and the same content of vitamins and minerals.

In modern cuisine Sous-Vide is primarily used by most famous chefs in the world. This cooking technology is currently being used among the best chefs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as a hot innovation technique that can be applied to prepare a complete menu.


The Sous-Vide inspiration came from the initiative chef Andrej Zedníček. He loves French cuisine and is very keen to bring stylish innovations to his restaurant.

Marek Gura, sous-chef od Rhapsody restaurant, explains that by using Sous-Vide method you can process almost all food ingredients: "Fish, lamb, tenderloin, vegetables, all of this can be prepared by Sous-Vide technique. Guests respond to Sous-Vide very well too, they are aware that the preparation of Sous-Vide might take a little longer than usual. For example, the time of preparation of a medium steak is 19 minutes in Souse - Vide and then additional 5 minutes on the grill. But it's definitely worth it and guests appreciate it. "


If you enjoy not only great cuisine but also the temptation of sweet desserts, Tulip House Boutique Hotel will be a heaven for you. You can taste the most delicious desserts prepared by very talented pastry chef Lucia Mišková. When she used to work in one of the best London´s hotels, her desserts were served to celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Halle Berry and even Nelson Mandela. In Tulip House Boutique Hotel you can try an excellent Truffle cake with dark chocolate mousse and fantastic cheesecakes, which are prepared from 100% fruit puree with no added artificial colours. More traditional desserts are represented by Písecká cake with strawberry and passion fruit mousse, decorated with cream, fresh strawberries and exotic passion fruit.

If you are visiting Bratislava and looking for areal gourmet experience, Tulip House Boutique Hotel is a choice that will not disappoint you.

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