Curiosities of Bratislava

Bratislava is home of numerous unique statues worth seeing. Let´s meet the most interesting ones.


Bronze statue residing on the crossroad of 3 streets – Rybárska Gate, Panská and Laurinská. Created by Viktor Hulík, academic artist in 1997, it has instantly won the hearts of locals and tourists.
Today is Čumil probably one of the most photographed “citizen of Bratislava”. 


Schöne Náci

Close to Čumil stands a cast iron statue of Schöne Náci, Bratislavian beau Ignác Lamár,  made by Prof. Juraj Meliš. Born in 1897, Lamár was undoubtly a part of local history. In 1967 he died in the Regional Tuberculosis hospital in Lehnice. Those living in the same times remember Ignác as polite, quiet and poor man. When seeing a pretty lady on a street, he would take off his hat with flattering „Schöne, Schöne“, hence the name Schöne Náci. 


One of the most attractive statues for tourists is Napoleonec, leaning on a bench on Main Square. Made also by academic sculptor Prof. Juraj Meliš, it portrays a sniper soldier from 1809. In other to preserve the statue, Napoleonec spends his winters in city´s „safe house“. 



One the corner of Laurinská Street catches people´s eye a statue of human size paparazzi. Holding a camera in this hands, he looks as if he´s taking pictures of Bratislava´s elite. Author of this statue is sculptor Radko Mačuha.



Hans Christian Andersen

Hviezdoslav´s Square is also a home of Danish author of children´s stories, Hans Christian Andersen. This sculpture by Tibor Bartfay was made in honor of his visit in 1841 and is surrounded by characters from his stories. 


Guard´s Booth

This art sculpture serves as a reminder of the historical guard´s post on Main Square (functioning from 17th century to 60ties). Credit goes to artists Marián Prešnajder and architects Otto Grossman and Juraj Šimek.



Narrowest House in Bratislava

Behind the house with the narrowest façade lies an interesting story. It can be found at 15 Michalská Street and was built during the dismantling of the castle´s fortresses. Originally they consisted of two parts and a free space in between them called “cvinger”. In times when the army started to use canons, these fortresses became obsolete. During the demolition of the walls between Michael´s Gate and Michael´s Tower, a space of 130cm was created where originally was a corridor for guards. 


Crown on Top of the Tower of St. Martin´s Dome

A copy of a royal crown from the Kingdom of Hungary was made by Pressburg´s goldsmiths around the year 1870. This 300 kg crown on top of the tower can be observed by locals and tourists since 1902. Golden-plated crown with a cross is 2.7m tall, while the crown itself is 1.6m tall and lies on a pillow with dimensions 2x2m in 85m height. 


Unique Hat

On top of the Primate´s Palace, above the coat-of-arms lies iron Cardinal´s hat with circumference of 180cm and weighting 150kg. Definitely a must see.






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