Adventure teambuilding activities in Liptov region, High Tatras

Let Slovakia surprise you with unexpected choice of adrenaline activities in Liptov. Make your teambuilding trips more special and try adventurous activities paragliding, zorbing (X-ball), snowmobiles, hovercraft, dog sledding, snow rafting and much more.


X-Ball (Zorbing) - adrenalin ball

Trymodern adrenalineattraction X-Ball, also known as Zorbing (Zorb) or airball, invented in New Zeeland. X-Ball (Zorbing) is a great choice for corporate games and sporting events taking place near theslopes or flat land.

Slope has to be moderate, 50 - 200 meters long, with grass, without rocks and sharp objects and must must be driven to hillslope, so the ball could stop itself. Maximumspeed is about 50 km / h. Despite fears of nausea it is a pleasant experience and it will make your corporate shares unforgettable. 



Snowmobiles - dynamics on the snow

If youwish to experience realexcitement onthe snow you should try snowmobiles for your corporate events or teambuilding activities. Driving the snowmobiles on snow-covered country surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery is an amazing experience.

Snowmobiles are easy tooperate and you will get the short instruction how to drive before. It is possible to make a circuit inwhich you can drive around or choose freestyletrip to the countryside.



Airboard - adrenaline on the slope

Another great winter outdoor activity for teambuiling tris is airboard driving. You can use airboard for any skislope and enjoy a lot of fun. 

Airboardis made of high quality fabrics with a flexible plastic coating. It is extremely lightweightbut sturdy, resistant to abrasion.

Airboard is easy to handle by transferring driver weight, so you can directly feel the snow surface. 




Hovercraft on the ground or on the water

Amphibious hovercraft brings new and unforgettable experience into motion. Hovercraft runs on air cushion above the ground (about 15-20 cm). Because of that it can run on different plain surfaces - grass, water, snow, ice. Hovercraft has a strong engine and no brakes. The drive after training by experienced instructors is safe so you can fully enjoy this adrenaline experience.





Snowrafting is the right winter sport for everybody who has courage and want to enjoy fun team activity.

You can try 3 alternatives of snowrafting. You can drag a boat behind a snowmobile, construct a tower with an electric engine on the hill and you can use rope to pull the raft on top and then run them down, while the boat is breaking with bungee (rubber) cables.

The last third alternative is to drive the slalom racedownthe hill, in that case you can control yourdirection by the paddles.



Dogg sledding - sledge through the country

Dogsledding has becamed very popular for winter corporate events as fun team activity.

Dog tandem is a sportingactivity in which twoor more dogs are dragging people on specialsleigh through the snowy countryside. Dog sledding speed depends not only on dogs but also on conditions of the route - route length, number and quality of snow.




Hydrospeed - float on the water

Would you liketo try a newversion of rafting on the river or water channels? Try a new wateractivity for your corporate events- hydrospeed.
Hydrospeed is a kind of a float, where you lie on and slide down the stream. It is controlled by body and leg movements. Hydrospeed provides fullcontact with water, the feeling of freedom on the river or canal.




Off roadbuggiescross country adrenaline

Are you afan of cross country driving? Try a competetive race on four- wheelers and off-road buggies- great adrenalinemotor sports activity.

Off road buggies have automatic transmission, so it is easy to control. 






Tarzania – a rope land

Test your movement skills and logical thinking in Tarzania – interesting, slightly adrenaline rope land. It is built on different platforms and barriers, which are hanging from 5 to 10 meters above the ground. Barriers are placed on trees or artificially constructed pillars.

Tarzania is suitable for summer and winter corporate days and teambuilding activities. 





Paragliding - experience in air

Are you dreaming about flying in the clouds? Try paragliding and enjoy flying above spectacular hills of High or Low Tatras. Paragliding is using specially designed aerodynamically shaped wing and air lift to move the wing in the air. Each flight is a tandem - you fly with an experienced instructor. Paragliding flight can lasts 10 - 30 minutes.




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